My Seal Online character

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This few months busy training my SealOnline character :p.
I’ve trained few characters but most of them are not tat good.
Recently i found out that Strength base Cleric very powerful at the higher level,
so 2 weeks back i decided to train a new character,
yes it’s Strength base Cleric.
Today, she is already Level 62 :)

here are some of her pics:-
Sealonline cleric level 62
This is her current look :)
Seal online cleric level 40
This is the look when she is at Level 40 (i think)

sleep in a row
still remember those time, i’m still sleeping with my blanket

sleep on bed!
Finally i can sleep on my own bed!!!

Sorry boss

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Today is my 9th day in my new company. I did something bad and got lecture by my boss.

Story goes like this, i did something bad since last week and my boss do not know anything about it. Today, the HQ people found out and complaint to my boss. So my boss ask who is the one who did it. Since i’m the one who did it, so i admit it.

So as usual, boss gave lecture and warn me not to do this again. If i need something i need to ask using a proper channel.

I really sorry that my action cause so much troubles to my boss.
I would like to apologize to my boss and I promise i’ll never do it again without ur authorization.

Sorry boss.

Lunch at Manhattan Fish House

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Yesterday I went out lunch with a bunch of my colleagues together with my boss at KLCC. Everyone do not know what to eat. One of our lady colleague said "Mum told me try to avoid chicken, bird flu!". In Malaysia chicken is the most common food we eat everyday. Now bird flu hit Malaysia and I really got no idea wat to eat.

We walk n walk n walk. suddenly everyone stop in front of a nice restaurant and their banner shows Manhattan Fish House. I remember i heard this restaurant before from my obelad gf. According to her, the food here quite expensive! Oh too bad, since there is bird flu attack, and everyone seems wan to give it a try, at the end we had our lunch in this nice classic restaurant.

I ordered a dunno wat "Baked wat wat dori", and customer can choose to have it with chips or rice. As i’m a "rice pail", i choosed rice :) After 15 mins the food arived and the fish is so fresh! The color of the fish is white + a little bit pink. it was baked with some special herbs i think. It’s quite tasty. I like the way they cook it. but too bad it’s too expensive!

A dunno wat "Baked wat wat dori" + a sprite cost me RM 25!
Too bad i didnt own a digicam, if not at least i can take some pictures and post it on

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