6 months ago, one of my uncle gave me 8 baby discus fish in a paint pail. (His discus give birth and my uncle take care of them for around 2 months for the baby discus to stable. As there are so many of them, my uncle decide to give away some of the baby discus.)

i still remember the size those baby discus fishes are around 1.5 inch long. The biggest baby discus fish size is around 2 inches. After few weeks i had them, i took some pictures for them. Here’s the pictures of those baby discus fish i took during August 2007.

baby discus fish, Symphysodon
The bottom one is red pigeon discus

baby discus fish, discus fish, tropical discus fish, Symphysodon
I love the left one. orange body with blue stripe

red pigeon discus, baby discus fish, discus fish, tropical discus fish, Symphysodon
Red pigeon discus

As the discus fish is very sensitive towards the water condition,
there are few times all my baby discus fishes fall sick.
And so unlucky 4 of them pass away.

Today, there are only 4 discus with me.
2 of them are red pigeon discus and 2 are normal discus with orange body and blue stripe at their fins.

Here are some of the recent picture for my discus

red discus fish, symphysodon
Can u see the blue stripe?

symphysodon, discus fish, baby discus
The discus behind seems doesn’t grow much. Not sure why.

symphysodon, discus fish, baby discus, red discus
This discus has the biggest size in my tank. Nice ar?

Hope my discus fishes can grow well and breed for their next generation.

p/s: sorry for the poor quality picture, these discus picture are taken using my cheap camera phone. :p