First day in Paris

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Yesterday is the first day i steps into Paris. I reach at 6.15am. Line up in a long queue for the custom to check my passport. Then walk thru a super long escalator to get my luggage.

Before i go to Paris, i stick a big Cryon Shin Chan (蜡笔小新) sticker on my luggage and tie a very red color ribbon at the side. This is for me to easily recognize my luggage at the airport (brother teach one :) ). What he told is really correct, once i reach the luggage station, by far i can see my Cryon Shin Chan sticker hahahaha.

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Happy New Year 2007

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Happy belated New Year 2007. Didn’t update my blog for a while and some of my friends are complaining about it. hehe sorry dudes, have been busy on playing Dota (Dota is a custom map for Warcraft 3) and my other 2 blogs ( and

For this coming year, i’ve set myself few goals to be achieve. And these goals are SECRET. haha. I’ll disclose here when i think it’s time.


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