High Blood Pressure

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I lost contact with one of the friend of mine for a month or two. and out of suddenly he appear and told me that he feel very pressure and da da da …. Two weeks after that, he said he fall sick and it last for few days. Finally he went n meet a doctor and the doctor said he has high blood pressure. And the doc advice him to take more rest and do not go to work for 2 days!

U know what, this friend of mine is only at late twenty. n now high blood pressure seems to attack younger generation now. So guys, dun pressure yourself too much. take more rest and live happily.


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‘火’也收了, 心胸原来是那么的广阔, EQ更是高我一筹。
不枉他平时看那么多书, 原来看书真的可以自我修炼。

之后就很少和他讲话, 因为怕又给他骂。
尤其是中国古代名人, 佳句,都难不倒他。

(其实我不知道他有多厉害, 就知道他比我厉害!哈哈!)
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My Discus Fish

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6 months ago, one of my uncle gave me 8 baby discus fish in a paint pail. (His discus give birth and my uncle take care of them for around 2 months for the baby discus to stable. As there are so many of them, my uncle decide to give away some of the baby discus.)

i still remember the size those baby discus fishes are around 1.5 inch long. The biggest baby discus fish size is around 2 inches. After few weeks i had them, i took some pictures for them. Here’s the pictures of those baby discus fish i took during August 2007.

baby discus fish, Symphysodon
The bottom one is red pigeon discus
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