Survey: Does my blog load fast enough?

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Hello everyone,

Just wan to find out how fast my blog load in your computer?
A) Very Fast
B) Fast
C) Above Average
D) Average
E) Below Average
F) Slow
G) Very slow

Just drop me a comment and tell me which country you from.
Thanks a lot.

Strange things

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Last 2 weeks my brother went to meet a master and the master gave him a buddha poster and ask him to hang on anywhere in the house. When my brother get home, he show me the poster and he said this poster very powerful. (hahaha I was thinking how powerful is the poster)

Just at that night, i had a strange dream. Can’t remember wat’s the dream about but i remember i saw a piece of paper and with 4 digit number. At tat time, i’m very tired not able to wake up and wrote it down. Next morning when i woke up, i can’t remember the 4 number, i only manage to remember part of it. so i try to mix n match some other number to the one tat i remember. Later in the afternoon, i went to magnum4d and da ma cai and buy the number :)

After going to magnum4d, i feel very tired so i take an evening sleep. Again, i got another dream. somebody trying to talk to me.

Somebody “Hey, u bought sth wrong, suppose to be 8423″
I’m very tired tat time, continue my sleep.

When i wake up already 7.30pm. I open up my browser and look for the 4d result. OMG, da ma cai really come out 8423. argh!!! *$%^&*()(&^%$#@

Then just this saturday night, i dream again. so on Sunday i went to buy 4d again. This time I think i’m lucky enough. my number came out in Magnum4d but too bad the number sequence is not the same.

Obelad sick liao

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last night after work, while i’m taking shower after work, my phone rang and my sister help me to pick up the call. Then she came outside the bathroom and said

My sis: “Ah Fei, Obelad called u just now.”
My sis: “She said she fall sick liao.”
My sis: “and she feels very painful wo”.
Me: “Ok”

Once i finish my shower, i called obelad back. From her voice i can feel she is very obelad tat time. Then she told me all her family member also feel the same except for her sister. hmmm i think she must be bitten by obelad mosquito. Hopefully won’t get dengue fever.

This morning sms obelad but she never reply. i think she must be still sleeping like a piggy. :)

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