Goodbye 导演

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昨天是我同事 – 大导演 在公司工作的最后一天.
但是在这三个月里, 她的确带给我们不少的欢笑和喜乐.

就这样, 办公室里就少了一把天真又活泼的笑声.
月圆月缺, 离别总是难免的.
我只好在这里. 祝大导演您前程万里.
过多几年, 希望能在电影院上看到您拍的戏咯!


3G Phone

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Few days ago, my bro brought back a 3G Phone from his company. Tat phone is giving out by one of the local telco for 3G service testing purposes. Since it has a built in camera and i do not have any digi cam, i used it to took some nice picture in my house :) Enjoy!

Lovely chocolate cheese cake

baked by my obelad gf :)
Lovely chocolate cheese cake 2
Baked by my obelad gf :)

My lovely bed with my smelly pillow on it.
Do you smell it?

My sister’s favourite cartoon character
(photo taken by my sister)

My sister’s soft toys. cute or not?
(photo taken by my sister)

God also once a human

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I’m a human. I’m not a god.
God also once a human.
Why we call him god?
This is because he can do something that human cannot do.
That’s why we call him god!


I’m only a normal web developer, writting PHP program. Last few days, boss said we are going to develop a P2P video casting software. At that moment, I’m thinking if i can successfully develop this P2P video casting software then I’m sure I’ll become God! I’m just a normal web developer, I used p2p software everyday (especially bittorrent). But if u ask me to develop the p2p video casting software in short period of time, I dun think i can do this. You might ask me why? The answer is I’m not a God!

Here are some of my collegues whose also face the God problem. :)
Paul and Max

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