Goodbye YP

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Did I ever mention that i got a colleague which is born at the same day and same year as me in my current office? I can’t remember.

After 3 years boring life, she decided to leave and look for new venture. Today is her last day in the company, everyone miss her very much especially our friend Jason here. Why Jason miss her so much, cuz they are the roomate for the past 6 months. Besides this, there are still many OTHER reasons (rumours says that they ….) hehe

Last week, she spend all the colleague Nasi Lemak when boss not around.
You might ask me why must eat while boss not around, the reason is someone told me that nasi lemak is banned from the office. hehe

Lastly, I would like to say "Wish you all the best and Thank you for you lesson!"

p/s: Picture coming soon … Colleague didnt bring USB cable la … what to do …

Open Source is no gurantee

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Once trends become established, and open source is a trend, many companies rush in.

And for some, it doesn’t work out. That doesn’t mean the trend isn’t valid. All business is a risk, and most risks don’t pan out.

That’s the real lesson in Pervasive’s decision to drop its support of PostgreSQL.  In a letter to users president John Farr blamed, well competition.

We underestimated the high level of quality support and expertise already available within the PostgreSQL community. In this environment, we found that the opportunity for Pervasive Software to meaningfully increase adoption of PostgreSQL by providing an alternative source for support and services was quite limited.

What does this mean? If you’re considering a move to Postgres, Farr
thinks you can find great support solutions, at fair prices. Pervasive
is going to put its money elsewhere, where it thinks it has a better
chance of making a profit. And life goes on.

Business is a continual process of entrance, growth, risk, and
shakeout. Just because some are getting shaken out doesn’t change an
underlying trend.

Source: ZdNet

声讨凶徒大会 @ 文良港Rahman College

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