Clear credit card payment thru CIMB Clicks

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Few days ago, i received my credit card statement and It’s time for me to clear my credit card bill. So as usual, login into CIMB Clicks Online and try to make my payment. Once i logged in i cant really find the Credit Card link under Transfer Fund section.

So end up call the CIMB support. They said their system in performing migration and SBB account holder might not be able to clear their Credit Card payment online. Then they ask me to give me Credit Card no. to them and they will fix it for me (will be ok within few days).
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Migrate from Serendipity to WordPress

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As you can see, I just migrate my Serendipity Blog to WordPress blog. The migration process is a bit painful, but still i manage to solve the problem. First i found the Serendipity importer from TechnoSailor. I download it and try to do some testing on my site.

1st round Serendipity to WordPress migration seems fine but then some of the post content went missing and this is only happen on the extended content area. So i go thru his importer code and do some minor changes and test again.
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Tired… take a rest

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Didnt really have time tot update my blog for the past 1 month. After came back from Paris, things happen one follow by another. The most interesting part is everytime things happen, it’s fresh and difficult to solved. Just like the cantonese proverb says “锅锅新鲜, 锅锅kit”.


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