Didnt really have time tot update my blog for the past 1 month. After came back from Paris, things happen one follow by another. The most interesting part is everytime things happen, it’s fresh and difficult to solved. Just like the cantonese proverb says “锅锅新鲜, 锅锅kit”.


Today, i really cant stand the pressure. So i took a
day off from my working life. Wake up in the morning and visit PathLab
for blood test. I think i’ve 2 years didn’t do any blood test and they
found it difficult to find my vain :p. May be covered by all the fat

After blood test, then went to visit the
next door dentist. Last few weeks, i’ve a small gathering with 2 of my
friends during the CNY. I ordered a nasi lemak and tat bloody nasi
lemak got a big stone (1.5cm long) mixed with rice. It looks just the
same as the rice. Bloody hell, i accidentally bite the stone and
cracked one of my teeth. So just now the pretty lady dentist said she
help me to smooth the teeth edge, but no gurantee if it will still be
sensitive. She ask me to check if my teeth still feel sensitive within
this 2 weeks.

After the dentist, went home,
tapau, actually wan to have lunch with my friend but then just now took
the blood test a bit tired and dizzy. so tapau n take some rest. later
going to meet other friends and hopefully got time to take a evening

Oh ya before i forget, i think i need to
visit chinese doctor to check my body. hope they can help me to tune my
body system. Too much pressure and everyday feel very tired. Can eat
can sleep but just tat tired :(

Ok tat’s all for today. Enjoy your life!

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