Migrate from Serendipity to WordPress

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As you can see, I just migrate my Serendipity Blog to WordPress blog. The migration process is a bit painful, but still i manage to solve the problem. First i found the Serendipity importer from TechnoSailor. I download it and try to do some testing on my site.

1st round Serendipity to WordPress migration seems fine but then some of the post content went missing and this is only happen on the extended content area. So i go thru his importer code and do some minor changes and test again.
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My Google Check

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I got my Google cheque last month. Recently quite busy, now only have the chance to blog about it. This is the first Google cheque i receive :)
The total amount for the cheque is USD $114.70.
I’ve banked in the cheque in Bank Bumiputra. I asked them about the
foreign cheque charges, according to them the charges is only RM 10 :)
So i decided to open a new account with them and use it to bank in my
google cheque in the future.

Until today, the cheque havent clear yet. Need to wait 1 more week (i think). Hope will get the money soon.

Unlucky week – fishes died

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Fishes in my aquarium died one by one since last week. I lost around 10 fishes in 7 days! I’m very sad about this. I’m not sure what happen, i’ve checked the dead body of the fish and it shows not symthoms of fighting. I’ve tried to change part of my tank water, put medicine, etc etc. What i didn’t shows any luck.

Two days ago, when i reach home after work, I saw my snow cichlid not swimming around (normally cichlid are the most active one in my tank) and it seems like having some problem. After few minutes of look at it, it died in front of me just like tat. I really feel sad about this. Since i cant find out what’s going wrong, the best solution for me is to change the water again. So on that day itself, i decided to clean up my whole tank, my external canister filter and change 90% of the tank water.

Before the tank water change, some of the fishes seems not active
enough compare to before. Yesterday when i back home after work, they
seems swimming happily like old days. Glad to see that they are healthy again.

This morning while I’m feeding my fishes, all the fishes swimming happily except my white snow cichlid. it seems having some problem and not swimming actively like before. I really worried about this snow cichlid since i lost 2 chilid for the past 1 week. I do not wish to lose any fishes.

Hope it wont pass away after i come back from work.

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