Already a week i didn’t post anything on my site. Try to enjoy my festive holiday but too bad, too many things to busy. At the end still the same. not enough sleep again. hehe. I think it’s quite normal for working adult to wish to have holidays. When holidays really come, they didn’t rest but find some other thing to busy again. :)

During the holiday, one of my friend ask me to join him together in the online game together – SealOnline. Actually I played this game once before. I quited when they start collecting money.
Today, china and thailand is offering this to the public for Free of
charge. There is no free lunch out there! I think they are going to use
other way to make money like item shop n etc.

I tried the china version but the connection too slow and it keep
lagging and lagging. Then i switch to Thailand version. The connection
seems very good. But one thing, from signup till u r in the game,
everything is in thai except the item name which still use English.
Luckily i played Seal Online b4, if not i sure cant understand what
they r showing. hahahaha.

Once i start this game, i got addicted to it. AGAIN! AH~~~~~

For those who are interested, u can visit SealOnline at
My nickname is MrSot. c u there 😉