Last sunday, I talked to a friend regarding how to develop manageble software. I’ve faced a lot of problem in managing our in house software in the company. Since my company is small, we didn’t use any framework when developing software.

Now it come to a point that I need to manage few system at once. And all the small system previosly has become a medium size system now. It’s really a headache when we need to manage it.

I’ve talk to my friend tat i’d like to design my own framework.
However, my friend recommend me to use the existing open source
framework where it can save us a lot of developement time.

He has recommend me Mojavi MVC framework (Model view controller). According to him, this framework quite clean and stable. It’s worth to give a try.

I’m still trying to understand what Mojavi framework can do and what it good with. It’s feature include Modular Design, Filter Chains, Action Chains, Customizable User Containers, Parameter validation, validator library, Built-in Authentication and Authorization and finally Logging System.

Currently Mojavi still not compatible with PHP 5. However, they just started a the developement on Mojavi 3.0. Mojavi 3.0 will take full advantage of PHP 5.0’s new object oriented features.

Click here for more information on Mojavi Open Source MVC PHP Framework