Just get this from Animal Planet:-

Mei Xiang and Tian Tian’s cub, Tai Shan, was born at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, July 9, 2005 at 3:41 a.m. He entered the world blind, pink and nearly hairless. Next to his 250-pound mother, the quarter-pound cub about the size of a stick of butter was a peculiar sight.

Mei Xiang was baffled by the cub at first, but within minutes instinct
kicked in and she began cradling and cuddling the newborn. For the next
month, mother and cub were inseparable. Tai Shan was very vocal,
squawking whenever Mei Xiang switched positions and squealing when
hungry. Mei Xiang was entirely focused on keeping the newborn safe,
clean and well-fed, even refusing food and water at first. The zoo gave
the pair its privacy, hoping with bated breath that the cub would
survive, and rejoicing over each passing milestone.

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