Last 2 days mariah ask "what it means ‘web base’?" at one of my previous post. Web base means, you can perform some specific task by using Web Browser (IE, Firefox, Opera or etc). In other words, you do not need to download any setup files, do not need to run the setup.exe, everything you need is just a browser.

Many IT giant has started to turn their standalone application to web base application according to Web 2.0 Specification. You may ask me What is Web 2.0? I’m also not really sure about this but i know it’s a big thing hitting the software industry. Ok here is the simple explanation. According to a expert Richard MacManus from Zdnet:-

Web 2.0 = using web as a platform

Web 2.0 = the underlying philosophy of relinquishing control

Web 2.0 = glocalization ("making global information available to local social
contexts and giving people the flexibility to find, organize, share and
create information in a locally meaningful fashion that is globally

Web 2.0 = an attitude not a technology

Web 2.0 = when data, interface and metadata no longer need to go hand in hand

Web 2.0 = action-at-a-distance interactions and ad hoc integration

Web 2.0 = power and control via APIs

Web 2.0 = giving up control and setting the data free