Wish to create a word file but do not have a Ms Word in your computer. I came across this site (Writely) where it provide web based word processor service. You might wan to ask me what is Writely? The explanation that i get from their website is :-

Writely is a web word processor that provides simple and secure document collaboration and publishing on the web using only the browser.
1. First, you create a document:
– Either by typing it in, or by uploading a Word document, html, text or image file.
– Use our editor to format the text, add tables, images, etc.
2. Next, you share it with others:
– Enter people’s e-mail addresses to grant them access to the document.
– Send them a message from Writely to tell them about it.
3. Then, you can edit it together online:
– If another person starts editing the same document, a small notice will appear.
– Your changes will be automatically sync’d with theirs every few seconds.

They provide a collaboration feature where you can edit the file with your friend at the same time. This collaboration feature really good! Besides, There is also another feature which allow u to publish ur file to blog. (Haven’t try this feature yet).

Wan to know more about this service, here is the URL:-