Since the day i started to play games with my laptop, i can feel my laptop is going to burn and it always overheated. If the SpeedStep technology is on, my game performance will have a sudden slow down in performance and start lagging like this lag … lag … lag … lag … er …. lag… l … a …. g…. …g….g….g..g

Currently i’m addicted to a online MMORPG game –  SealOnline (Thailand Version). before i play i must off my SpeedStep technology then only i can play my game for around 1 hour. After 1 hour, the temperature will increase and my game start to l …a …. a….g…..g……g

NotePal by Cooler Master
Finally i cant stand the heat and lag, so just now went to Lowyat and get a coolpad for my laptop. There are many brand out there with different material and number of fan. At last i choose NotePal (by Cooler Master). The look seems quite ok. and it cost me RM 99. The material it use is Alloy Aluminium and it come with 2 fan and 2 USB port. I’ve been using this NotePal since 2 pm till now (4.11pm). My laptop temperature seems quite ok.

Havent really play games on it. Hope it will help to reduce the heat in my laptop :)
Below are some of it’s pic:-

Notepal by Cooler Master 2 USB port
2 USB Port at the back with the power button to switch on the Fan

Notepal By Cooler Master Side View
2 Big Fans (70mm x 70mm x 15mm) in the middle but not tat strong, it’s enough to cool my Laptop i guess :p