Things you need to know before buying puppies

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Doggy are cute, cuddly and have all of the love in the world to give. But in return, they expect the same from you. If you plan to buy puppies, then you are in for a treat and a workout all at the same time. These little furballs are full of energy and cannot wait to unleash it on you, but there is nothing better than a wag of the tail when you walk in the  oor. People buy puppies for different reasons, including companionship or to raise them for breeding. There are a numb…

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Credit card application

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Last 2 weeks, I’ve decided to apply for my own credit card. Before this, i’m using a sub card from my brother. Since he terminate the card, i need to get another one for myself. I think i’ve used to use credit card to purchase online. Without credit card, it seems very unconvinience for me.
So i’ve started to shop around and read some review from magazine.
Citibank seems providing the best offer among the others. Last 2 weeks
i decided to apply for my own card thru the online application form.
Since my obelad gf always like to hang out around all those nice restaurant so i decided to take clear card as my choice.

Almost 2 weeks from the date i registered, it seems no answer from
Citibank. I’m not really sure if my application has been rejected or
approved. I’ve tried to check the status thru the online application
status link, but it always shows "In Process". hmmm may be i’m newbie
here. Anyone know how long it need to take to apply for a credit card?

If my application being approved, then i have to start to worried. not really sure if i’ll be one of those people outside which owing banks a lot of money due to the credit card debts. I think few of my friends around me is having this credit card debts problem. Hopefully they manage to solve the debts, if not they need to suffer more.

Hope my application get approved la. Oh ya, can i pay my credit card bill thru maybank2u? i always heard people complain about paying the credit card bill, its tat so difficult to pay citibank credit card bill? Hopefully not la….

Be the Bug Killer

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My sister just introduce a very very silly yet interesting flash game to me, the Bug Killer game :) I think it has only 1 level, cuz i do not know how to read Korean so i do not know what are they saying there.

I played for 5 times and i manage to kill all the bugs for 3 times. :)

Click here to try the Bug Killer game

p/s: This Bug Killer game is very suitable for those people who are very free and nothing to do. If you feel very free and nothing to do you are welcome to try this out. :)

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