Small little pigeon outside my window!

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Last few days morning, i heard some chicky voice outside my window. I guess the 2 small little pigeon is hungry. So i try to open my window a bit and i see their parents just flew away! i think my action scared them away :p

This little small pigeon is what i see from my window:-

Baby pigeonbaby pigeon 2
Too dark and the place is limited so cant really take its photo.

First day at work

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Yesterday is my first day in my new company! Everyone here very friendly including our boss. U know la many boss like to have some boss look. but i think my current boss is ok :) Hmmm this is a medium size company, 10 people working here, 5 handsome guys and 5 pretty and cute ladies.

First day of work not much things to do here, so went thru some of their project and to get familiar with their framework. I’ve given a PC to work. 19" mon, but too bad i think my head quite sensitive, i cant stand the radiation and after half day i sit front of the PC, i got headache. So today i bring my own laptop :)

Oh ya, my company located in Wisma UOA.
Overall, it’s a nice working place.
(The most important thing is there are many MM working here :) )

Something outside my window – Part II

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i double check the 2 pigeon eggs just now . you know wat i saw?
(if you do not know what i’m talking about, plese check my previous post here)

the 2 pigeon eggs got broken! and there are 2 small little pigeon :)

ok here are the pics
newly borned pigeon 1newly borned pigeon 2
It’s so cute!

newly borned pigeon 3

Yesterday my aunty came to my house, i showed her the small little pigeon. You know what she said?

Aunty said "Catch it and cook it, very tasty u know!"
I said "Aunty, u r so cruel! There are so many tasty food out there what for kill the small little bird."

i think i’m going to wake up by them later when their start to open their eye and have fur.

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