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Name: Platy
Common name: Platy, sometimes variatus or southern platy.
Origin: North Eastern Central America
Size: 2 – 2½ in. (5 – 6.25 cm.)

Platys are very easy to care for, and are great beginner fish. Platy’s prefer water temperature at 76-79F ( 24.4-26.1C). Platy’s are very hardy, and can adapt to many types of water. PH can rage from acidic (6.5) to basic (8.2). Platy’s have even been reported to live in brackish water (lightly salted water) and experience no negative effects of it.
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Swordtail fish

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Long time didn’t take care of my aquarium. now no nice fish inside. so must do some research then start importing some new nice pretty fish in my aquarium. :)

Male Swordtail Female Swordtail

Common name: Swordtail
Origin: Southern Mexico and Guatemala
Maximum size: 4" or about 10cm (including tail)
Minimum Tank Size: Around 10-15 US gallons

An easy fish for beginners. Needs a temp. of 72-73*F (22-23* C.) Enjoy well-planted aquariums with plenty of room for swimming. They live in loosely grouped schools. Usually Keep 1 male for every 2 females. These fish come in a variety of colors as many other livebearers do. Some varieties include the oringinal wild-type which has olive-green backs, greenish-yellow sides, yellow belly, and a red band. There are also lyretail swords and Hi-fin swordtail varieties. They should be housed with other peaceful community fish such as other livebearers, tetra, plecostomus, among many others.
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Joss Stone is world’s best celebrity dog owner

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When it comes to celebrity dog-parenting skills, Joss Stone is tops and Paris Hilton is the worst, according to an online poll of readers of two dog magazines.

Stone, who has a poodle named Dusty Springfield, volunteered for the North Shore Animal League America after seeing images of pets stranded in the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, said The New York Dog and The Hollywood Dog magazines, which conducted the poll.

The 18-year-old British singer also recorded a public service announcement seeking support for the homeless pets of the Gulf Coast.

Paris Hilton with doggy Hilton, a 24-year-old hotel heiress and star of "The Simple Life," was voted the world’s worst celebrity dog owner. (LOL)

Source: Dallas Morning News

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