I’ve already forget when is the last time i update my blog.
Quite busy recently, rushing for office work (as usual).
Besides, i’ve just open 2 new blog last few months and
i’m trying to keep them update in daily basis.

Here are the site:-

SillyCorner.comOften Update

– You can see a lot of different TV Commercial around the world

TechieCorner.comOften Update

– If you are looking for computer tips, window xp hack, windows tips and tricks, performance tuning and etc – Look for TechieCorner.com
– If you have any technical issue with your PC, you can let me know, i’ll try my best to get the solution and share with the other :)

Update 2006-11-06: Too busy recently, so cant update my blog daily, so have to make it update at least 2~3 times a week.

All comments are welcome.If you want to do a link exchange with me, you can contact me via:-