Yes, there is another colleage of mine (Michael) is leaving the company today. Michael join my current company same day as me and we have been allocated in a same room. So, basically we are roomates for the past 6 months. He is a very cool guy, always keep quiet in one corner and seldom jokes with us. May be we are too young (No, he is around my age) or may be our jokes is not funny at all to him (i guess this might be the reason).

10 minutes ago, he pack his things (actually nothing to pack just a network switch he brought in few months back) and left us quietly. Quietly as in no hug hug (it’s ok for me cuz she is not a girl), no handshake, no extra words, just one sentence “Chao La!” (Bye!)

It’s raining heavily outside the office, he just left us with no sound.
All my colleague really shock. I even ask him, “Michael, the rain is very heavy now, u sure u wan to go now ar?”, That time he is walking towards the exit and his back is facing us. He reply me by just waving his hand and i think tat means “Bye”After this i think i’m going to give Michael a nickname the “West Door Blow Snow” 西门吹雪 – (this name is derived from a name of old day kung-fu hero who is very strong
and powerful).

Good bye Michael, Wish you all the best. If there is chance, I hope to work with you again!
Dun be too quiet, it’s not good!