U know what?
yesterday my obelad gf is so keen to eat the japanese buffet
till came n meet me even there is heavy rain in KL!
(oh obelad liao, she is going to beat me later ).

We meet around 6pm and drive to hotel legend.
At junction before the maxis bridge near Sime Darby,
i told her that i’m not too sure how to go to Hotel Legend,
need to look for while if we turn in at this junction.
Then she insist she wan to use her way to go.
(she said i always bring her to dead road hahahahaha)

So, end up going down to Jalan Kuching and make a U – Turn at the round about to Sri Hartamas.
(actually my obelad miss a turning to PWTC earlier.)

Due to the sudden heavy rain,
most of the places in KL flood!
When we are at  the round about,
the traffic suddenly jam and all the car cant even move.
So end up we make a big round going thru the Bangsar,
back to Chow kit and finally use my way to Legend Hotel!!!

When we reach the Legend Hotel it’s already 7:30pm.
actually it’s just a 15 min drive, but because of the stupid flood,
we used 1.5 hours.

Luckily the food in Gen Restaurant is quite nice la.
but it’s a bit expensive even we have 20% discount.
oh ya i need to say Thank You obelad.
cuz she spend me the dinner :p