PHPsurveyor was written by Jason Cleeland. It uses php and mysql, was written for, and probably on, Windows, but loads without error or argument on Solaris 10 with apache2.

I’ve been using it to do a whole series of surveys – ranging in sizes from eight questions to 31, in complexity from simple yes/no answers to ten way paired comparisons, and in audience from two respondents to several hundred.

Everything works and the gotchas I’ve seen so far have been trivial.

Some of them are, well, retroactively predictable. For example, you can create the content for a tokens table (defining who gets to answer your survey) as a simple csv file and upload it to mysql under program control – but the first time I did it the upload failed when a 30 second time limit on the update triggered. As in Huh?

Source: ZDNet blog

I havent try this PHPSurveyor before. if i have time, i’ll give it a try. I think this application is suitable for all those final year student in the college. especially for those marketing or business major. Too bad since they are from business, most of them are computer idiot. lol. just joking :)