Yesterday morning, i received an sms from one of my boss. He said he’s attending an Internet Marketing Seminar at hotel. He said I should attend the seminar and the seminar is FREE! When i heard FREE! wow, good good, i must go somemore the seminar held in 5 star hotel. hehe.

So this morning wake up around 7.30am take shower, dress nicely, spray perfume and go out leng chai leng chai. The seminar start at 8.30am and the hotel is just behind my house. When i reach the hotel already 8.25am and It’s full of people doing all the registration process. There is a big guy standing in front of the entrance and said "Please collect your name tag and proceed to the registration desk. Thank you". Oh shit, i didnt register before this and how can i have the name tag? so i just tell the big guy tat i’m recommended by a friend and didn’t do any registration. He said "Sir, I’m sorry, we can’t let you in without registration. It’s not tat we do not wan to take you but it’s full and there is no more seat. I’m sorry."

At this time, i just think "OK nvm, go home n continue my sleep since these few weeks didnt have enough sleep." Suddenly I heard a old man call me "Hey young man, I’ve an extra ticket. You can join me if you don’t mind." Wow wat a nice man. So i just accept his offer and later on i get to know that his son FFK him and he’s alone. Wat an OBELAD son!
After that I help the old man to find his name tag and finish the registration process. Once finish everything the seminar just about to start. Too bad didn’t have time to take the FREE breakfast!

Go into the ballroom and we are brought to a seat. We are being told tat that’s our seat for the day. So lucky that my seat is at the 1st line. Can see and hear everything clearly.

The internet marketing seminar start with a brief introduction and then follow by a interesting topic – Online Marketing Strategies. What strategy we should use to promote our biz online. What we should do and what we should not! You know what? The presenter for the topic just look like Nicholas Cage! they are really look a like!

Besides the Online Marketing Strategies, i also learned how to push ur customer to made instant decision or i might said how to push ur customer to make a purchase! They are so good in pushing us to signup their program! Oh ya, I need to stop for a while here. I just remember that I forget to explain what service they are selling. They are selling E-Commerce Store solution. From their explanation until the end of Online marketing strategies class, this E-Commerce Store solution cost RM 7000++ + RM 1100++. However, if you signup today, you will get xxxx discount and xxxx discount and xxxx FREE and xxxx FREE and etc etc etc. Don’t you agree with me that they are good in pushing their target customer to make purchase?

Very tired now, got to sleep first. Part 2 will be continue tomorrow. stay tuned! :)