Just attend a tech briefing at Mobile Money on how’s the new payment method will work and how can we integrate our current system with Mobile Money.

The meeting suppose to start at 3.00pm at Puchong. Due to rain, the meeting postpone to 3.30pm. After a brief introduction, the speaker (Mr Toh) explain how’s the whole system work. Everything seems fine. But when the meeting going to end, one of their developer mention that all merchants has to run on Ms Window platform in order to integrate with them!

Furthermore, merchant also need to install Mobile Money software in order to use their service. This is really a big problem for all the Unix and Linux user. At tat moment, I asked if there anyway where Unix / Linux user can use their system. Mr Toh give me a sweet smile and said "At the moment, we only have window version. We would suggest merchant if they able to invest a little bit more money on a window server in order to integrate with us."

This morning I told my boss about this, he give me a :( I think i got to find out what’s Mobile Money software do and I have to simulate the same thing using my own application. This would take some time.

Wish me luck ya :)