Recently i read an interesting post in There is one angry customer complaint about a local hosting company in the forum. This angry customer has a web hosting account with them and there is a 10 days downtime due to some hardware failure (i think is HDD crashed). According to this customer, the company didn’t contact them at all (no email notification, no phone …) Poor thing.

I do remember i ask them once before whether they perform any backup. And, you know what they tell me? We are running RAID, in case of one HDD fail, we can swap a new HDD for restore. RAID so what? RAID 100% safe meh, nothing is 100% one la. it can have some unpredictable incident happen.

I personally experience HDD crashed inccident b4, the HDD is not able to recover and all my data lost!!! i really feel sorry to some of my friends! After this inccident, I get a host that perform weekly backup. and sometimes i’ll perform the backup myself too. This is to protect from any disaster.

I wonder how many hosting company in malaysia do perform backup (i know many of them claim tat they perform backup every night). but how many of them perform restoration test to ensure the backup files is in good condition?

I know the market is very competitive and prices are lower n lower everyday. I wonder how they going to make money with those super cheap package (oh ya, they can make $$$ if they fully load the P4 server with several hundreds of account). Cost to upgrade HDD increase, price droping everyday, at the end of the day, who is going to suffer? Supplier is the one who going to suffer.

When supplier suffer, they will sell cheap to gain back their capital. Cheap price always attracts customer attention, then server will be loaded with many accounts. When too many account loaded in one server, server load increase, slow performance, etc etc etc. If anyone of the client send spam then the situation become worst. IP got blacklisted, then other user in the same IP cant send email due to blacklist. havent mention about the hackers, if the server admin not experience, then hacker able to gain access to the system and do some funny things there, etc etc etc

Consumer also dun always look at CHEAP pricing, sometimes quality is also very important. Unless you don’t mind your site down just like eating the Chipsmore biscuit "Now u see, now u don’t " :)

Remember Good things SELDOM come in cheap. you can test your luck, hope you r the lucky one and dun like the hosting company mention above. (oh ya forget to tell u, they said they have invest a lot in RAID to their customer, so i think this is the reason y they do not need to do backup)