As you can see, I just migrate my Serendipity Blog to WordPress blog. The migration process is a bit painful, but still i manage to solve the problem. First i found the Serendipity importer from TechnoSailor. I download it and try to do some testing on my site.

1st round Serendipity to WordPress migration seems fine but then some of the post content went missing and this is only happen on the extended content area. So i go thru his importer code and do some minor changes and test again.

2nd round Serendipity to WordPress migration hang while importing my Post. So i re extract the Serendipity to WordPress importer and re do the changes. Then upload and test again.

3rd round Serendipity to WordPress migration run successfully! Now i’m on WordPress blog. This Serendipity to WordPress migration seems easy but then i lost all my traffic from search engine :(

The link structure used by Serendipity is different from WordPress. So i need somemore time to gain back all the traffic. At the same time there are many picture missing from the post. Please give me sometime to reupload the pic :(

If you need the new patch Serendipity to WordPress importer you can
download it here

Thanks to TechnoSailor for his Serendipity to WordPress importer.

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