We just celebrated my dad 65 years old birthday! Happy Birth Day Daddy!

I know my dad is not going to read my blog, I just wan to share my happiness with all of you.

Actually my dad’s birthday is tomolo (Yes, 1st day of chinese new year!), since everyone at home and we wan to have the cake fresh so we just celebrate it today! U know what? I only get to know tat my dad is borned during the World War 2 just now. (wat a bad son!). WOW, i bet my dad go thru all the suffer during that time. but anyway today is already 2006, i wish my dad has a more happy life time in the future!

Pictures below:

Dad's birthday cake with candle!
Yes, it’s 65 years old.

Can you guest what cake is this?
Yup, it’s Secret Recepi’s Chocolate Banana cake!!!