I’m not feeling well last night. so after chat with my obelad gf over the phone, i took a panadol and went to sleep. I think may be bcoz of the weather is too hot, i wake up in around 2am then i went to toilet. While i was walking to the toilet, my hand feel very itch and scratch my hand at the same time cursing the obelad mosquito which bite me just now. When i’m walking back to my room, i only realise my palm also got bitten. So i suspect the culprit might not be the stupid mosquito cuz they normally do not bite at palm cuz not much blood.

i started to check my bed and pillow to find out who is the culprit behind. Finally i found one Flea (Chinese call 木蚤Muk Sat) resting underneath my pillow! No need to think twice, i quickly take a tisu paper n catch it then kill it!!! Then i continue my search to check if there is any accomplice.

At the end of the thorough search i’ve killed 3 more big size Flea! Very tired tat time didnt think much continue my sleep. 5 min later my back feel itch again. Jump up, switch on the light then look for the flea again! really found 1 more n kill it!!! Then look at the clock it’s already 3++am. argh~~~ still need to work the next morning so quickly go to bed n continue my sleep ….And u know where all these stupid Flea coming from? it’s from my DIRTY NEIGHBOUR WHOSE STAYING UPSTAIR!!! BLODDY HELL! Everytime someone move house n throw their blanket or bed set, sure will have all these flea running around my house! NIASING! THEY R FUCKING DIRTY. Since they move in our house always has little guest like micky mouse, flea and Siu Keong.

Staying with all this dirty bastard really no mood la. somemore i just bough my new EXPENSIVE bed. If i cant kill all the Flea then my bed will be obelad liao!!!! argh~~~~~ really angry la!!!!

p/s: I told my brother about the FLEA this evening, he told me to buy a snake and put it upstair!!