Finally i’ve resigned. I’ve a small chat with my current boss last friday saying that I decided to leave the company and move on to a next level. Surprisingly, my boss very understandable, he accepted my resignation and I’ll be leaving on 27 Jan 2006. So after the Chinese New Year, I’ll start to work in the new company.
After i resigned, I feel a bit down. Not sure why i had this feeling. My obelad always scold me a cold blooded animal and do not care and do not feel anything but not this time. I think i miss everything here as i already worked here for 1.5 yrs and this is the first time i resigned. I’ll miss the tech team, i’ll miss the jokes, i’ll miss the lunch time and i’ll miss the freedom here.

When i really sit down and think back, i think it’s good for me to leave now since this place is too comfortable for me and i’m becoming lazier and lazier. Hopefully after i move to the new company, i’ll be more hardworking. :p and learn some new stuff to improve myself.

Wish everyone enjoy their life and a happy new year!