Yesterday is my obelad gf’s birthday. In the morning, we went to Aquaria KLCC to see the fishes swimming. I like fishes a lot but not my gf :p The place really nice for fish maniac like me. hehe. Although it’s nice but the entrance fee is a bit expensive. RM 28 person (with mycard) if i’m not mistake. We spend around 45 mins inside the Aquaria. After the Aquaria visit, obelad gf not feeling well. so end up go back home.

Actually i wanted to bring her to have Japanese Steambot buffet, but too bad she fall sick in the afternoon. So end up rest in my house. She slept for the whole afternoon and luckly she feel better after taking the good rest.

Since she fall sick, we went to have dinner at "Good Good steamboat" at Sri Petaling which just nearby her house. We reach there about 7.15pm and the restaurant already full of people, luckly we manage to get a seat. The food there is fresh and nice. if you got chance dun forget to visit this restaurant, their steambot is really really nice. My obelad gf like it a lot :)

Ok time to work :p
p/s: will put some nice pic here in the next post, all the pic at my gf’s cam