After i read the "Web professional never stop learning", i’ve decided to put some effort to learn and design website using the web standard. I need to upgrade myself to a new level! (I know i’m a bit late but as ppl said ‘No matter how slow you go, as long as you don’t stop, you will success one day!’) So, today i’ve put my full concentration on how to design a website using CSS and finally, my first CSS template is out!

Too bad, i can’t show you all the template as this is one of my web design project for my client. I think it will be live within these 2 months. No worry, i will definately inform you all to visit the site :)

Anyway, today i learned a lot of new stuff. Such as how to make a List menu mouse effect with CSS embeded (and no javascript). then, i also learned how to make the horizontal menu list which compatible with different browser. and how to use float to make 2 column in the same row, clear to set the footer alignment properly , line-height to center the text vertically at the header, and many many more.

CSS really very powerful! i love it because it save a lot of HTML code compare to table format. It’s so clean and tidy in term of structure. but the con side is still with the browser compatibility issue. If everyone (Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera, etc) can follow the same standard, we the ‘Web Professional’ (now i can call myself as web professional liao :p) can save a lot of work in doing all the adjustment in order to get the site shows all the same at different browser.

CSS Rocks!

p/s: FYI, many europe companies are looking for CSS Web Designer.