I used to read magazine in bus or LRT. This morning i read an interesting yet useful article about "Valuing your time, money and life" from Personal Money. Let me share some good stuff with you all:-

"Let’s be honest to ourselves here. Because we need money to live, we exchange a portion of our time on earth for money.

We sacrifice out lives for money! Why?

Ironically, because we know money represents freedom and choice. In
essence, it purchases our present and future quality of life. In fact,
if you’ve been reading the more depressing news stories of the last
month or two, you’ll be sensitised to the sad fact that people have
died in hospitals because of insufficient money.

An equation i developed for my e-book, 5 steps to Saner Life, might
help us make better sense of the tight interconnections between our
time (and hence our life and our money. Let me share it with you:

M (money) = W (work) x T (time)" by Rajen Devadason.

Do you agree with what Rajen said? I totally agree with him.

At the end of the article, He also provide the solution on how can we earn more money. There are 2 simple solutions:-

"You can also earn more money by working longer and harder but that will just reduce time spent with your loved ones. And they’re the ones you are working for!

Your only viable solution lies in increasing your ability to do higher-value work without actually working longer or harder. The way to do that is to ratchet up your effectiveness per unit time."

So now you know how to earn more money right?
Let’s practice this and we all will earn more money and we can spend more time with our loved ones at the same time :)

This article is written by Rajen Devadason, CFP, is a speaker, author and
independent consultant. He is CEO of corporate mentoring consultancy RD WealthCreation Sdn Bhd, which helps companies increase profits by teaching their best people how to enchance their personal effectiveness.