Let me recall …. hmmmm …. i think i’ve more than 4 years didn’t drive at all. after since i got my licence i didn’t drive at all. Y didnt drive at all. cuz no car for me to drive. and Y no car le? cuz poor ma. hehe

Recently i found out tat i need a car for my work. so planning to get a car. but dun have enough cash. so i got to save more and buy next year. So after my obelad gf know this, she ask me to drive her car. i really got not much confidence. long time didnt drive, the last time i drive is few months ago. Paul force me to drive his car in Cyber Jaya. n tat experience is also very scary. i think paul will never let me drive his car anymore. hahahaha

Just now, i’m out with my obelad to have dinner. she ask me to drive but i rejected. then after we had our dinner in taman tun mamak then she offer me to drive her car again. I think i got to learn liao if not cannot drive. so i accept her offer n drive back to Imbi.

Just sit in, tuned my seat, back mirror, wear belt. Vroom Vroom, LET’S GO! can feel the car is powerful (last time i drove kancil only, so kenari is far more powerful than tat la of course) the go out. vroom vroom vroom.

I’m taking the …. errrr …. dunno wat road la. i know got many high way n pass by Eastxxx Hotel somemore. (i’m road idiot dunno road name one sorry hehe) then at one junction when i’m going to cut out, i didnt c there is a car behind, nearly kena bang! only hear the HONK! HONK! HONK! ah dun care la, come out already nothing happen just continue my drive la.

Then near a junction at the King Palace, where i suppose to cut from middle lane to left lane, i really can’t see the car la. but i can feel like there is a car, so i let it go first. really it pass me. then i think i can go liao just try to cut but then suddenly my feeling telling me there is another car! really another car there, quicly turn out again, this time not tat bad la but scared my obelad again.

then when reaching the Pudu Jail junction, red light. tat time i’m trying to stop the car by pressing the break but dunno y i press the break it seems like it go faster like tat. then my obelad shout liao, "Ah Fei!!!! BREAK LA!!!!!" then no choice got to press hard hard the break. ah~~~ luckly didnt bang. ~~~ Fiu ~~~

Finally i reach my home. then i look at the time. 10:48pm liao. just now forget to see wat time i start to drive back. but my obelad tell me i take around 50 min to go home! aiyak. very obelad la. 20 mins distance become 50 mins. anyway, the most important thing is safely reach home. who cares take how long time la. didnt die already very good lo. kakakaka

so how’s my driving skill ?

hmmm i know the answer is "SUPER SCARY" but i’m sure i can be Takumi** one day :p

p/s: when i was driving the time i didnt feel anything, but now think back very scared la. nearly get bang!


**Takumi is the delivery boy in Initial D