After the seminar finish, they giving out free gifts and keep asking people to take the last chance to sign up with them.

At the same day, i went to a dinner where my boss also there. He ask me how’s the seminar and he seems quite interested with their services. Then i asked him how he manage to get to know about this seminar. He told me tat he received an invitation card from that company.

One day later, i only found out that, this company should earn a lot of
money from all these aunties uncles. Why i say so. It’s because i
notice one more thing, all the people who attend the seminar are rich
man. they only send invitation card to those who is rich. I’ve no idea
where they get the address of all the people, (i suspect bank or credit
card company) and send them snail mail and DVD to their door step. And
the best part is 20k is a very small amount for rich people to spend
to start a "high potential" business. The company marketing strategy really really good. I really salute the one who come out with this idea.

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