Got my clientexec licence few days ago and have no time to set it up yet. Today I went thru some of the setting and it seems not tat easy to configure. There are may things to configure and customize. Oh ya, it come with a billing feature and customer support system. Since i have no experience in using all these kind of system, i think clientexec is a quite complete system.

Oh ya forget to explain what is clientexec. ClientExec is a tool that use to manage web host, client support and billing. Currently I’m providing CPanel Web Hosting service at affordable price. If anyone need hosting service, let me know ya :)

After clicking here and there, it seems i need a merchant account to collect online payment in order to get ClientExec completely up and running. Now, i’m still looking for a good Payment Gateway. There are few in my mind now, WorldPay, 2Checkout, and CCAvenue. Still need some time to check what’s their setup fees, and etc.