Last night, while i was performing window update, suddenly my connection goes off. I check my modem, it shows ok. DSL light stable, everything fine. Then i tried to reconnect for few times, it still the same, can’t connect to server.

After so many tries i decided to call their customer service support. I called and told them my line suddenly goes off not really sure why. Then they start to ask me some stupid question.

CS: "Sir, is your modem light blinking?"
Me: "All lights are stable and ok"

CS: "Sir, wat’s the error message shows when u dial the connection?"
Me: "Not sure, i connect using router"

(… i check my log, it shows username and password failed … )
Me: "hold on, my router log shows username and password failed"

CS: "If this is the case, i have to reset your password."
Me: "I’ve used my router for more than 1 year and i never change anything to it. how can my username and password failed?"

CS: "But the error message shows failed. In this case, can we help you to reset your password?"
(hmmm … as long as my connection come back tat’s ok)
Me: "Ok, how long it need to take?"

CS: "Sir, Pleaese try to login after 1 hour."

5 min later, i tried to login again, surprisingly it allow me to login. Then 3 mins later, the connection drop again. Then 5 min later, it resume back and 5 min later it drop ……

Ding Dong Ding Dong Ding Dong
i also dunno how many times it ding dong and it’s already late at night, today i still got to work, so just go n sleep. Woke up this morning the connection drop again. I tried to reconnect again, it seems fine.

Conclusion: TMNet support team really sucks. Always mislead their customer. Their side got problem then said ur modem got problem la, try not to use the spliter la, off everything n on again la, password wrong la, bla bla bla