I have been with my old mattress for more than 5 years. I still remember that time i moved from a share room to my own private room. My dad bought me a mattress and he said tat mattress very exp and good quality. tat time still blur blur dunno anything. As long as got bed to sleep n no need to pay very happy liao. tat time still schooling at college. The mattress is a sping coral mattress, very hard feel, and dad claim tat tat’s good for backbone.

Few days later, my bro came in visit my room and he found tis new mattress then he sit on it n goyang hard hard. He said "Eh this mattress good ar?" "Ya wo keng wo" after he jump jump goyang goyang. my mattress spoil liao. the place he sit n goyang not strong already n u can feel the mattress like slope down to tat side liao. $%^&*&^% CELAKA! he is dam bad one. All the mattress in my house also spoiled by him. My sister one and my mom one all spoiled by him. he dam jin kak one.

Then last month, my backbone feel pain after i wake up from dream. I complaint complaint, then he said ok la, u go n buy la. I ask him to sponsor, he agreed. but he seems like dun willing to pay like tat. Dun care, i’m carrying his sub card go n look kao kao. hahaha

Last week me n obelad went to c mattress then the seller quote me very exp. A 7" coconut Fibrex mattress cost RM 580. I called back n ask my bro whether he willing to pay for tat. He very good, he talk 3 talk 4 play taichi n said tomolo we go n see together. Ok nvm. Sunday, i went out with him to help dad to carry sth from supermarket. when we going to reach home, i asked him, eh now drive to the furniture shop la. we go there n see the mattress. U know wat he say? "Dun wan la very tired la. next week next week" $%^&#$%^

I dun care liao. yesterday i went to Old klang road with obelad. After negotiate with the sales, i made my decision to buy a nice one Coconut Fibrex mattress from kingkoil. Cost RM 450. a bit exp but dun care use my bro card to lok. then the sales free one kingkoil pillow to me.

While i was on the way home, their people already called me up n said how to go to ur house ar? then i give direction. After half an hour, my mattress reach! oh yea! SONG! unwrapped the mattress n put on my bed rack. sleep on it "Oh yea song!"

Late at night, my bro reach reach home. I heard his voice then i told him i already bought a mattress and it’s Coconut Fibrex one. after he heard it he keep on asking me how much. i ask him to try and he keep on asking me how much. Then i show him the bill, he said "Wah Lau! dun care half half" hahahaha. Ok la nvm la. pay him half the price. Last night got a very good sleep. the mattress very comfortable, just like the mattress in Hotel. kekekeke.

No camera la. if not sure i take photo n show u all :p