Here is some tips i got from finance magazine. For those who are having home loan with you, and you feel that the home loan interest rate is a big high, then you might wan to consider to take the refinance home loan from some of the bank.

Who should Refinance their Home Loan?
– Those people who purchased homes during the high loan rate are the one who should consider to refinance their home loan. Once you refinance your home loan, you may start to enjoy the lower interest rate. But before you take the action to refinance your home loan, please take notes that there are some cost involve in the refinancing process.

Knowing when to Refinance
– The key to refinancing a home involves knowing when to refinance. Commercials and radio advertise low interest rates. Thus, many homeowners choose to take advantage of low rates and lower their monthly payments. Unfortunately, the cost of refinancing a home may sometimes outweigh the savings. Because a refinance creates a new mortgage, homeowners are responsible for fees such as closing costs, title search fees, settlement fees, prepayment penalty fees, etc. Moreover, some mistakenly refinance before a home has time to build sufficient equity. Another reason for refinancing a home includes receiving a shorter term, which may also boost a home’s equity