There are 3 more so call classes to go after the lunch. Right after the lunch, they continue with the first class which they start to teach us several ways to promote our e-commerce store, ex: Search Engine, UseNet, Link Exchange, etc … This "class" give a clear picture on how to market on the internet and most of the internet newbie seems benefit from it.

After that, it comes to the most powerful session of the day where they show all the testimonial to the audience. They show a picture of a person and claim that they are the owner of X store and now earning stable income (with a lot of free time which can share with their family members) by using the e-commerce solution provided by them. At a time, they even show a video of a lady which do not even know how to use computer and write proper english success in marketing her product online by using they e-commerce solution. Everything shows in this session seems perfect and most of the aunties and uncles are attracted by their service.
As usual, before the class finish, they advertise their service again and push the audiences to make a impulse purchase. However, i still sitting on my place and I’m thinking this group of people are really smart. They know how to use the testimonial to convince all the aunties and uncles. At the same time, my mind pop out one question, why all this aunties and uncles are so easy to convince by people? (I only able to find out the answer one day after that, will tell u more later)

Here comes the final class, they teach you, "How can you be the first one in the search engine?" ex: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Excite, Dogpile, etc. At first i tot their service covers the advertising fee on the search engine. But later only I only found out that, you need to pay seperately to manage all this Search Engine submission account and the minimum amount to open up the new account is $50.

Just 15 minutes before the class end, there is lady staff come by and ask me if i’m interested with the service, and i said "Yes". Then she ask if I could follow her out and have a detail briefing on the whole program, and I said "No". She ask me "Why?". and I give my typical answer "No MONEY." :p At tat time, i can see her face changed and stunned for a while. Then she reply me "Sir, you are very honest." and she just walk away and talk to some other uncles besides me. As usual, some rejected her offer and some of them follow her to have a detailed chat.

Right after the class finished, there is a uncle coming back from the detail chat. He claim that the total cost to setup the whole e-commerce store is RM 18,000 (after all the so called "discount") WOW! He also told me that … … …

To be continue …