After all the headache, i’m BACK! really Hak Chai la.

The story started like this
Last last friday evening, my right eye brow jump very fierce. like others said Left Bad Right Good. So i tot i might got some good luck coming. May be kena 4D gua. So i quickly go n buy Magnum4D at Saturday. At tat night i happily go n checked the result, but didnt win any prize also. but my eye brow still jumping up n down.

Since i didnt win any prize I just ignore it. Then sunday also the same thing jump jump jump. During the sunday night my obelad told me she cant access her website. I contacted my server admin and they told me tat the HDD crashed! and all data gone!

*** PIANG *** PIANG *** PIANG *** TAI WOK !!!

at tat moment i SUPER headache. Few big client in the server. Data loss, die lo. (Although i told them to do their own backup in CPanel, I’m sure they wont and they will sure blame me for this) sure kena fxxx kao kao liao. during tat time thinking how to SAU FO. Faster faster transfer all the domain to a new server and get everything up first. then wanted to sms all my client about the server status but tat time already late at night. i also didnt sleep much. take a quick nap only. So monday morning sms all my client then as wat i predicted kena $%^&*() Ai~~~ i also dun wan it to be happen. Wat to do. kena lo.

Then now everything back to normal again. but my own stuff all lost liao. * sob sob sob * my mamakcorner gone! all my unitrust fund price history gone! Reputation also TAPAU!

From now on, i always perform backup from one server to another. so if the production server down at least got the backup to restore back. No need kena %^&*()(&^ so hard. Now learning how to set the daily backup. In case the same inccident happen again, not much losses inccur.

I’ll never forget this inccident and it’s really a good experience for me!

*** This morning my server admin contact me again, they confirm with me that data in the HDD cannot recover. :( ( Sorry Eric )