I’ve been mad about good sound card since long time ago. Really wish to buy one for myself but good sound card doesn’t come cheap. I’ve been looking at Creative Audigy 2 ZX for a long time before the Creative X-Fi was launched. Few months back, I came to know about X-Fi at soundblaster website. It’s really impressing!

Below are the Creative X-Fi features:-
– 24bit Xtreme Fidelity Crystalizer
– CMSS 3D Xtreme Fidelity
– Super Rip Xtreme Fidelity
– DTS – ES
– Digital Dolby
– THX Certified (This is wat i really mad about, it gives u superb sound quality)
– EAX Advance HD 5.0

But too bad, I’m now using Laptop for my work.
No more using desktop.
I think i’m going to get the Audigy 2 ZS for my notebook.

But before that, I would like to get some opinion from you all :)
Anyone using Audigy 2 ZS PCMCIA ?
How’s the performance?

Click here to find out more about Creative X-Fi