I just found out that yahoo provide astrology info! Just now I accidently click on sth and it brings me to a yahoo domain http://astrology.yahoo.com it shows you all the astrology information. It’s a Free service. Ok below is my overview for today:

Oct 20, 2005


Few people realize how much power they have to control their future — but you do.

It’s never surprising to find you lost in a daydream about far-away places. You’ll be doing a lot of that now, especially if current circumstances aren’t everything you wish they were. Hang tough. It’s almost time for your vacation.

Weekly Love:
A creative, fun, romantic vibe should definitely be seized on Monday, so flirt your little heart out and do it with verve. Communication’s still good on Tuesday and Wednesday, but to keep Cupid on your side you’ve got to attend to the details as well as the big, bold picture you usually like to keep your eye on. Plenty’s happening Thursday and Friday, but you wish someone would get beyond the surface level. Try drawing them out with open-ended questions. Ideas about relationships are up for review this weekend; plan a summit meeting with your sweetie or a friend.

Check out your astrology at Yahoo now. http://astrology.yahoo.com