Yesterday is the first day i steps into Paris. I reach at 6.15am. Line up in a long queue for the custom to check my passport. Then walk thru a super long escalator to get my luggage.

Before i go to Paris, i stick a big Cryon Shin Chan (蜡笔小新) sticker on my luggage and tie a very red color ribbon at the side. This is for me to easily recognize my luggage at the airport (brother teach one :) ). What he told is really correct, once i reach the luggage station, by far i can see my Cryon Shin Chan sticker hahahaha.

After that I try to look for the taxi gate. After asking help from
the “custom man”, he told me tat’s gate 18. When i walk out from the
first gate, the gate no. is 38. there are 20 more gates to go! walk a
walk … walk a walk… finally reach. Go out n get a cab. I think this
cab is the most expensive cab i ever take in my live. The trip from
airport to Ibis Paris Montmartre Hotel cost me EURO 41.50 (almost RM

The traffic in Paris a bit jam in the morning, many cars. Most of the
car i have never seen in KL b4. Try to contact one of my colleague
while i’m on my way. Once reach the hotel, take shower then rest a
while and get ready to start work.

The city seems beautiful. Weather around 15 degree. You might
say it’s not tat cold BUT… when the wind come hehe… ur face n ears
will feel coldness.

Yesterday whole day eat burger. Lunch eat burger, dinner also eat burger. The most “cham” part is i forget to get the receipt for my dinner! ah…

Chicken Fillet Burger + Water (EUR 6.70)

This morning i get to try the french breakfast at the hotel. I really wonder how to make their bread. The taste is totally different from the one in KL. Last night sleep around 9, can sleep very good but wake up very early around 5am++. Hopefully i wont be very tired in the afternoon.

My Room in Ibis Paris Montmartre

p/s: I miss my smelly pillow!!!