In 2004 and 2005 Apple, Dell and HP collectively recalled more than 300,000 laptop batteries due to fire hazards.

Following the 2004 wave of recalls the Consumer Product Safety Commission says
computer manufacturers met to set performance standards. To date, the government confirms the problem is on the rise.

The CPSC has received 176 incidents involving laptop fires due to battery or power system failure since 2003. More than 100 of those incidents were in

Now Thomas Forqueran will be added to the 2006 statistics.

“It wasn’t just a truck, it was a very special part of the family,” Forqueran said.

A spokesperson for Dell says it will investigate Forqueran’s case. He says safety teams are taking the incidents seriously.

HP has had two voluntary battery recalls in the last nine months. Tom Augenthaler, a Hewlett Packard public relations representative, released a statement that said in part, “HP fully stands behind the products it makes and has taken a proactive approach to this situation."

Apple Computers gave CBS 11 News a no comment for our last story. This time, our calls weren’t returned.

Source: CBS11TV