Recently i’ve been busy learning how to get index by google, msn, yahoo, etc. Basically that’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Till today i’ve no significant improvement on SEO skill yet. Really shame about myself…..

Back to the question "Is SEO skills really that difficult to learn?" For me tat’s very difficult. I cant get my page rank high in Google / MSN / Yahoo. Even, search engine index my page, my page will be at page 7 or page 9 or …..

Currently i’m trying to promote my new site (
and trying to get the famous search engine to index all my page. After
1 month hard work, i think only google and yahoo able to index index my
page. Even search engine index my page now, but i didnt see any visitor
coming from any search engine. (I keep track all my visitors using Statcounter) I think my page rank in search engine are low :(

Nevermind, i wont give up. I will keep learning new SEO tips and tricks
and apply tat in my new site and Hopefully will get my page rank high
in search engine later.

Wish me luck ya :)

p/s: Oh ya, please let me know if you like SillyCorner or not