Since there are so many viruses and worms around. I would like to share a good FREE anti virus with u all. It’s Avast!

This anti virus come with 7 type of protection

  1. Standard Shield
  2. Web Shield
  3. P2P Shield
  4. Network Shield
  5. Internet Mail
  6. Outlook / Exchange
  7. Instant Messaging

you can customize the sensitivity level Normal, High and Custom.

Just a personal experience. That time i’m very new to this anti virus. I was in my office network doing my work, there is a colleague plug his laptop into our office network right beside me. 5 seconds later, my antivirus gave me a warning message! "Warning a virus has been detected…" When i check the virus details, it shows there is a worms trying to attack my computer thru the network and tat worms is coming from my collegue PC tat just plug into the network. Avast is so amazing!

Go n download a free copy at