Last week, the last fish in my aquarium has finally passed away. feel quite sad at tat time cuz it has been with me for almost 6~7 years. Before cleaning up my aquarium, i read one of the scripture (婆也婆罗密多心经) for my fish and i hope my fish can have a better life in it’s coming life. 啊弥陀佛.

My empty tank

Yesterday, I went to Jalan Pasar to buy some new fishes to fill up my empty aquarium. I’ve spent around RM 40+ on fishes and 10+ on food and medicine.

Here are all the things that i bought, fishes still in the plastic bag :)

6 sword fishes
5 tiger barb
5 orange tiger barb
4 Rossy Barb (Barbus conchonius)
4 Lily
2 Prince of Africa (Electric Yellow Labido / Labidochromis caeruleus)
2 White Horse
2 Bandaraya (one died this morning :( )

It’s really difficult to take photo for my aquarium. Fishes swim very fast, if i off the flash light, the picture will be very blur. Need to on the flash light but then aquarium glass will reflect the lights. so i need to take these photo on certain angle to get rid of all the flash reflection.

After i put all my fishes in, this is how my aquarium tank look like.

After few shot i found out my obelad gf’s camera has a special mode for fishes! but i still need to on the flash light, if not the result will be blur again. :(

A closer shot at my tank

Group Fishes 2
Tiger barb, Lily, etc …

Not really sure what this fish name, so i call it Dot Tail.
(Do u notice there is a dot at it’s tail?)

Lily, Prince of Africa (yellow), White horse
Forget what the white color fish called so i just name it white horse since it swim very fast!

This is the normal tiger barb

This pair of White Horse cost me RM 10. quite expensive but it’s really pretty.

My Aquarium lighting failed since few years ago, i think i need to repair it or else bought a new cover. I still left something (water heater, decorative item, air bubble rock, etc…) didnt bought yesterday cuz my obelad gf keep saying very tired! wan to go back liao. So Obelad!