Here are some of the photo from Pulau Jerejak. dun feel like writting anything now, so i just put some short notes here :)

This is the nearest beach, nice or not?

This is one of the corridor way to the Santapan Restaurant

Can you see the ferry? This is the Pulau Jerejak jetty.

We walked for almost 45 mins to reach this beach!

This shot taken by my colleague, nice work!

This is the so called Flying Fox game, very fun!
Would like to play again in the future :)

These are the paintball air gun, very powerful!

This is the paintball site!

We were told not to swim in the sea because of this thing – Jelly fish.

This is the special kancil that only available in Pulau Jerejak,
it’s used to fetch us from our room to the lobby :)

This is the swimming pool. too bad got no sexy gal here :p

A nice sunset shot!

Another nice shot!

a nice relax sea view taken when we are leaving Pulau Jerejak