Many people ask me what is "Obelad". Actually "obelad" is a word tat always used by  me since long time ago (even b4 the HK radio program 笑谈广东话 launched).

Ok. let me explain what is "Obelad". In my dictionary, "obelad" can be use as Noun, Verb, Adjective and Proverb. (may be there are other usage as i havent try that till now).

The meaning of "obelad" can be varies from time to time. In other words, "obelad" allow you to change it’s meanding according to your need.

Here are some example of how to use the word "Obelad":-

– Obelad dun be naunghty !
– My Obelad gf always eat a lot and does not exercise.

– Please don’t be obelad, no one will appreciate it.

So i think after these example, you should know how to use this words better.

p/s: You are reading an obelad post, so you are an "obelad yau"!